Freedom Squared

We met with Nastia Zverkova in 2021, thanks to our mutual friend, cinematographer Roma Palchenkov. It was our second project together. While Freedom Squared is not about freedom but about isolation, for me it was a true freedom to write music for this film. It was very easy because Roma’s visuals and Nastia’s storytelling are very close to my visions.

Freedom SquaredFreedom Squared

So Freedom Squared”. It’s a film about isolation and the human condition. The story follows a young scientist studying human vision in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic station Vostok”, the coldest place on Earth. As the last plane leaves, the researchers find themselves in complete isolation, questioning not just their physical endurance but their spiritual resilience for deep space travel.

Freedom Squared” was recognized for its powerful storytelling and visual impact, winning the Docu Talent Award 2021 at the Sarajevo Film Festival. The jury praised the film for its artistic quality and timely exploration of solitude and isolation, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

For more about the film, check the interview with Nastia (in Russian).

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