Off The Air

“Off the Air (2021)”“Off the Air (2021)”

Off The Air” tells the story of Alexei, a former pilot living on the shores of Lake Baikal. Grieving the death of his wife, he spends his days listening to the aviation radio, trying to escape reality. However, true escape is impossible when nature itself conspires against him.

It’s my first project with Nastia Zverkova, dating back to 2021. I was proud of the strong gestalt I managed to achieve in this film, all based on a very simple theme. It was significant to me that the film featured a well-known actor, Dmitry Pevtsov. This film can be considered my first serious work in cinematography.

However, I didn’t know at the time that Dmitry would later support the aggression against Ukraine, which was disappointing. Because of this today, I don’t share much about this film. But the music remains important to me. More importantly, I used parts of Laniakea, an album dedicated to my mother, in the score, and scoring this film took place while my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The main dialogue with god in the film (or, for me, with the universe) held deep personal significance.

This film, specifically the music for it, was the last work my mother heard. She was very proud, and that is what makes this film important to me.

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